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The convenient way to request your server.

Server Please!

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app store.png
The Problem

Wanted to order a second beverage before the conversation started, but now you have to go? Want something? Getting frustrated? For those times you don’t see the waiter, or they don’t see you.

The Solution

a simple discrete button on your phone

to the waiters watch, earpiece, or unique audio from the phone in their pocket.

Waiter Leaves the phone in their pocket!

Our Vision

A button at the table improves:

reviews, sales & service!

We're going to revolutionize

the way dining enjoyment is done!

Who are we

How it works

As Customer
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Confirm displayed Restaurant

Enter your table number.

Press the call button! 

No sign up, nothing! Done!

Fast Service

Wanted to order a refill 15 min ago, before a god conversation? Gotta go now?  Waiter couldn't feel you eye stalking them?  You could have taped the Server Please button! Coming to a restaurant near you!


How it works

As Server
IMG_5370 2.PNG

Select Your Restaurant

Quick, Easy, Free set up < 1 min.

Select your restaurant & tables.

Leave the phone in your pocket!!

Vibration and Table # to your watch,

earpiece or, from phone in your pocket!

While seating customers, share the QR code from the app, and tell them table number. Print QR codes from this page!

Get Notified

But this is only if hand gestures & eye contact aren't working for them! 

Leave the phone in your pocket!!

Vibration and Table # to your watch or,

unique audio to your earpiece or,

from phone your in your pocket!

How it works

Install the app today!

Server Please

app store.png
app store.png
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Contact Our Team

To contact our team for any partnership, questions or support, please fill out the form below.

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Tel: (408) 310-1725

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