The convenient way to request your server.

Server Please!

The Problem

Dropped your fork? Need something?
For those times you don’t see the waiter,
or they don’t see you.

The Solution

Your phone is now a discrete gentle call bell. .Any restaurant can download and use this in less than 2 mins.

Our Vision

To bring convenience and service to your dining experience. We're going to change the way dining service is done.


How it works

As Customer

Select Your Restaurant

Select the restaurant you're dining at, enter your table number then simply request your server with a tap of a button. Server Please! 

Fast Service

Minimize the wait time for the server to realize that you need your bill or a refill on your refreshment. Now
you can conveniently call your server to your table at any moment. Coming to a restaurant near you!

How it works

As Server

Select Your Restaurant

Select the restaurant your located and working at and select which tables to be notified from. You'll be able
to see the tables your coworkers have selected, that you have selected, and that are still available.

Get Notified

You'll receive all the requests being made by customers at your table under one screen. You'll be able to prioritize which table to serve and provide a friendly customer service.


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Server Please

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