Server Please


1.   Press Customer button.

2.   Select location on map.

3.   Enter your table number.

4.   Press the call button.

Server Please ! 

No more:    Waiting,    Poor Service,   Can't get waiter!
No more:    Poor Tip,   Complaints,   or Bad reviews!


for any Customer to discretely notify their server of "a request for service" at any location of any restaurant, hospital, motel, stadium seat, etc.


1.  Press the Waiter/Server button.

2.  Log in with user name & password.

3.  Select location on map. 

4.  Select tables to be notified & save.

Suggestions or opinions?

Email you thoughts please .

1.  No phone number or personal information is exchanged. 

2.  The Server DOES NOT have to remove device from pocket to view which table it was from, but they can see on it if they need to.

3.  Both Server and customer must be at that location to send / receive notifications. Either leaves = logged out and tables released.