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Server Please

Changing the way dining is done! 

One day, I asked, "There's got to be an app for that!?"  Where, if you can't see the waiter, you can press a button to request your waiter to your table at any restaurant! Now there is! You share the QR  code on your screen to the waiter. They download, enter username & password. Select Restaurant and tables to be notified from, and leave the phone in their pocket to be notified of your request! That easy! That quick and free, for up to 5 tables! Or full version, 100 tables, 10 waiters per table, & manager mode for only $20 a month from ONE subscriber that unlocks full version for all waiters at that restaurant.

Is this app worth $20?  If it can potently increase an average restaurants income by $3,000 mo. and increase customer satisfaction scores by 18%?  What is a rating star gain/loss worth to your restaurant? Whats an extra item ordered every hour or two because of this app worth to your restaurant's income?  


Customers DO LOVE IT! The convenience, is like the convenience of Amazon!  It's so simple, discrete, & easy! 


To change the way dining is done!


To change the way dining is done!

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